Monday, September 17, 2007

Plates as frames

My sister gave me a plate hanger some time ago and I have been searching for the perfect plates to display ever since. The challenge was to find something I liked, that also wasn't too heavy for where I wanted to hang it. One day I thought I'd use the hooks to hold pictures instead of plates and that sparked an idea that some of my friends have asked me to share. I found some lightweight plate chargers and painted and crackled them (they were gold and had a hawaiian scene on them before). Then I took some recent family photos and had them enlarged (8x10 was the perfect size) and printed in black and white. I cut them to fit inside the flattest part of the plate and used acid free spray adhesive to stick them on. I didn't put anything over the photos because I didn't want to ruin the finish. I guess Mod Podge would be an option for a different kind of a finish. If you don't look too closely they look pretty good as is, but I would love to hear more ideas.