Saturday, March 8, 2008

Child's Apron

At Walmart there is a little bin in the craft/fabric section that has end pieces of fabric at a discount. Emma loves to dig through it while I shop and pick out her favorite pieces. That is where her blankie came from. It was a scrap that she carried around for days and I finally pieced and edged it and made it into a blanket. Months ago, before Christmas when I was busy with the quilt she found this cute green floral fabric. I've been meaning to do something with it for awhile and finally got my inspiration to make a pretty apron for my little chef when I found this cute pink ruffle – also in the remnant bin. Emma seemed to like it enough that she didn't want to stop playing to pose for a photo. It reminded me of going through my mom's fabric scraps and making things for my dolls. Ava helped by taking a little nap, and Emma helped by handing me pins (pokeys) and giving me directions. I was really impressed that she sat and watched me the whole time. It made for a fun Saturday afternoon.