Friday, November 30, 2007

Knit Snowball Ornaments

Every year one of my neighbors hosts an ornament and cookie exchange party. The ornaments are supposed to be hand made, or at least embellished or customized in some way. In the past I've taken the easy route, but this year, I decided to make the ornaments myself. I knit little white tubes, cinched up the ends, and filled them with cotton and jingle bells. Then I used some yarn to stitch a snowflake on the front and a loop by which to hang them. I didn't have a pattern, experimented with a different number of rows, and I eyeballed the stitching of the snowflakes... so they are all different sizes. While they aren't the most lovely things I've ever made I'm proud of myself for the attempt. Luckily, I know the hostess will appreciate the effort more than the result. Best of all, I have discovered that they are perfect for indoor snowball fights!

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