Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sock Bunnies

I've been wanting to do this little project with the girls for a while now and am feeling good about finally getting around to it today. Crafting with 4 little kids can be a challenge. (As is evident in the lack of posts on this blog.) My 5 year-old especially got into it, insisting on doing all the stuffing without any help, and she stitched the openings of each arm leg and foot closed all by herself too. I think this was her first real sewing project and I was so impressed with how well she did.

As soon as they were finished the girls got busy dressing them with clothes and accessories from their other dolls.

I think they turned out pretty cute, and the fact that they helped make the bunnies themselves adds to the love.

The bunnies just happen to be the perfect size to fit into our Disney princess baby doll clothes. When I saw the pink bunny in the Sleeping Beauty dress, complete with little slippers I had to take another photo.
We followed this tutorial from Lil Blue Boo, but decided to embroider the eyes instead of using buttons. (I loved the unique look of mis-matched buttons for the eyes but the girls thought it was creepy and they insisted on eyelashes too.)