Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Thrifty Decorating

One of my neighbors is a really great decorator and does home staging. She shared some of her secrets in a short class and I was amazed to learn that her expensive-looking decor was accomplished so inexpensively. She really inspired me. I'm trying to look at things that I already have in a new light or for different purposes. I've since found a number of home decorating blogs with similar themes of thrifty decorating. I love re-using, re-making and "upcylcling" things when sewing and want to learn more about doing the same for decorating. I have a few projects in the works, but here is a really simple one:
A glass cover that I found on its own for $1, plus a dish and a candle pedestal...
... become a cute serving stand.
I can just picture little cookies or cupcakes in here, or even some fruit:
Speaking of thrifty things, I went to a local thrift store in search of some picture frames and found some great ones that just need a little love, along with a few other treasures:
This is a Leacock Prints tea-size table cloth with the most charming design, and it is in perfect condition! It fits perfectly on the little table my girls use for their tea parties. So sweet!

Below, this shabby-chic looking tin was just calling me to take it home and fill it with hydrangeas or one of my mother's beautiful dried floral arrangements ...
... and, a little bird to sit on my kitchen table.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

White Fluffies

I've been surrounding myself with white fluffy things lately:
One day, while experimenting with elastic thread and ruffles, I made this little pillow...
Today, I decided that I needed another pillow to go with it.
I started with a pillowcase.
Then I had some fun with a stencil.
And now my white ruffled pillow doesn't look so lonely on that chair.