Friday, June 27, 2008

Window Makeover

When we first moved into our house I put these curtains up in my kitchen, and have disliked them ever since. I've also never liked the cheap plastic blinds that were there. They were too long for the window and too heavy to lift up to let more light into the kitchen. The other day at the fabric store while I was getting a zipper for Emma's dress, I found a pretty colored brocade fabric in the remnant bin and it inspired an idea for a new valance for my kitchen window. I found another remnant of the cream colored fabric that I thought would look really nice in contrast to the dark brocade. I kind of made up the design as I went along, and I like how it turned out so much better than what was there before. The plastic blinds are history, there is room on the windowsill to display some of my ceramics, and just having more light in my kitchen every day lifts my spirits. I even found a small rug that matches.

One funny thing about my whole makeover project was Jeff's reaction. The first thing he said was, "skulls?" I was pretty confused until he pointed out that from where he was standing, a part of the pattern in the brocade looked like a skull to him and the lighter color crossing behind it like crossbones. I would never have seen it. Crazy! Now that I've said this you all are going to notice it too. Oh well, I still really like it much better and will just try to forget about the skull thing. He assures me that he does like it and thinks it looks a lot nicer than the previous curtains too. He has to say that right?