Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A new life for my favorite jeans

I've been going through my closet lately and weeding out and recycling/refashioning things like crazy. (Yay for losing baby weight and fitting into things again.) I had this pair of jeans that I loved! I've never had a pair that fit me as well as these did and it shows. These jeans were so worn, there was actually a hole on the inner leg area. I mended it once when it was small enough for it to not really show while I was wearing them, but that didn't last long because they were so threadbare. I knew I couldn't ever wear them again, and neither could anyone else, unless....

... I made them into a skirt. 

 I've made jeans into skirts before but this time I tried something different and I love the result. Normally I unpick the inseam and the center front seam up to the base of the zipper, and the back seam up until it lays flat. Then, I overlap the curved part of the seam and use the cut off portion of the jeans to fill in the triangular gaps. (Similar to this tutorial.) This time I just sewed the inner front seams together and only added more material in the back (see photo above). The combination of the side seams angled in on the front and the fading has a real slimming effect. Love it even more than I thought I would.

(FYI - the hem is not really higher in the front, the front waist sits lower than the back so it just looks that way here.)