Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A is for Audrey

Baby Audrey (to be born to my own baby sister) will be here soon, and we just had a fun baby shower for her. Val, the Martha Stewart of our family, hostesses the best parties and this one was no exception. I especially loved these classy invites and the little tags she had on the box lunches she'd put together:

I had fun sewing a few things.
First, a nursing cover (on the left). Don't you love the Amy Butler print? At right is one I made for myself – fabric from JoAnns.

Second, a car seat cover. I love this idea. You can cover the babe while sleeping or shade from sun etc, and still have access to the car seat handle (not the case with a draped blanket.) Also, if you're like me, the blanket is always falling off and you have kind strangers chasing you down in store parking lots to return it. Plus, isn't it so pretty?

My favorite detail is this beautiful button. It doesn't show well in the photo, but they are kind of shimmery, like mother of pearl with the floral pattern engraved into it.

This might seem like a strange choice for the lining, but I heard that the black and white geometric patterns are stimulating to baby's vision, and since this is the side that baby gets to see...

Both fabrics for this project, the buttons, ribbon, and magnetic snaps are from JoAnns. I made up my own pattern.


Sylvia said...

You are so talented. I want a copy of the pattern if you will please. I didn't realize that Valerie was so Martha Stewart with her parties. I never pictured her into that. They are adorable.

xóchitl said...

i love all the projects you've been doing lately. i sit in awe because you know of course, that sewing is something i STILL have not learned to do. but people like you inspire me to finally give it a go.