Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I don't have a fireplace with a mantle, so this buffet from my husband's grandmother has become one of my seasonal decorating spots, including where we hang the stockings... but before we get to Christmas, I can't stand to give thanksgiving the shaft. I love Thanksgiving! I believe gratitude is one of the most powerful soul-filling emotions. This year my challenge to myself was to decorate without buying anything. When my friend and neighbor shared this black basket of decorative squashes and gourds it sparked an idea. I painted some frames I had in the basement. For the larger one, I mod-podged a fall-colored fabric scrap onto the backing. Then I typed and printed this phrase from one of my favorite Thanksgiving Hymns (#242 in the LDS Hymnal) for the smaller frame. The little squashes on the right actually serve double duty – in addition to being pretty, they keep the frame from sliding forward. If anyone is interested in the print of the Hymn, I'm happy to share, just leave a comment with your email and I'll send it to you the PDF (10.5" x 13.5"), or use the .jpg below for smaller sizes.


Heather said...

Please, please, please may I have this? Thanks!

Gina said...

I LOVE THIS! Yes, please send the pdf.