Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Easter Dresses

I had wanted to make some "pillowcase" dresses for the girls for a while now, and had found this pack of curtains on clearance over a year ago that I thought would work. But, I was sick last spring with the pregnancy so it never happened. Now, the day before Easter, I suddenly decided I was going to use the stuff I had to make Easter dresses. N's dress is one side of the curtain, A's the other, and E's skirt is from the valance. I had to laugh at my "Fraulein Maria" moment, making dresses from curtains. I think this is a new record for me, making three dresses in one afternoon, as well as the cost: $3 for the curtains, $3 for a yard of the striped fabric, elastic recycled from dad's shorts ;-0 and slips/lining from an old sheet. (My girls, who loved the dresses, will probably die of embarrassment reading this later. Hee hee.) So here they are. The dresses were okay, but the girls were so adorable! Check out the poses.

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Kathy Reid said...

These dresses and these girls are totally adorable!