Saturday, August 25, 2012

Back to School: Toddler Clock

I don't know if all kids are like this, but mine seem to have a strong need to know what the plan for the day is. "What day is it today?" they ask... and they don't mean Monday or Tuesday. For us it is Library Day, or Uncle Mark Day (Saturday, when their uncle often visits to help daddy work on his hot rod.) They like to know what it going on during the day too. So with the changes in our schedule that come with a new school year, I came up with this idea that can help them see at a glance our basic schedule for the day... time for toddlers:

Starting about 8 o'clock they can see the sun that represents our morning routine. At quarter to 9 my oldest heads off to school. 10-ish is morning snack (I have a whole hour window and can still be "on schedule" which is so important when I'm squeezing in the daily busyness), 11 is time dedicated to helping my 2nd with her goals. Next is lunch, then preschool/kindergarten, time for preschooler on her off-days, big sister comes home, chores and homework, playtime, dinner, bedtime routine. Each of them have a time when my focus is primarily on them and their goals. I think it helps them see that their time is coming if mom is focused on someone else. I used Velcro dots to attach the pictures so we can change our schedule as needed. They don't need to know how to tell time, but can see by where the hour hand is pointing what "time" it is.

When I had the idea, I was going to make my own clock but found this one (or search for Kaisercraft Wood Frame Clock) while shopping for the clock parts. I covered it with scrapbook paper, added my own numbers.

It does have a pretty loud ticking sound, so I may try to replace the hands with another set, but it was an easy project that helps our day run more smoothly.


Sarah said...

Absolutely brilliant! Are you for hire? xo

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