Friday, October 17, 2008

Activity Bag

Not much time or energy for all the projects I want to do these days... but I have managed to squeeze in one or two more little things. First is the Activity Bag. I think these are great for church, for longer doctor's office visits or even for road trips. Similar to Emma's preschool bag, we personalized a tote for her friend Morgan's birthday present. Then I made a crayon roll in coordinating fabric. These are so easy and so handy! (You know the box or ziploc baggie full of crayons will inevitably be dumped all over the floor.) Then we filled the bag with a princess coloring book, a few other coloring activities, notebook, flash cards, and other little toys. For an older girl I think paper dolls or lacing cards would be great too. I've already started a second crayon roll for Emma who had a hard time parting with it. It should be finished before she is home from the birthday party.

I've also been sorting through and getting clothes ready for new baby and realized I needed some more drawer space. I found a really inexpensive, narrow set of drawers at a yard sale (just perfect for a small corner or closet) and repainted it white and added a few decals to girlie it up. I have a lot to learn about refinishing furniture! This was my first ever attempt but it was fun to try on something that wasn't valuable.


Katie L. said...

You amaze me! Here you are, about to have a baby and you are doing this! Wow! I love everything!

jamie said...

okay all of your projects are so inspiring! Can you replace the knobs on the drawers? It's absolutely adorable and with some girlie knobs it would be to die for! :) You're inspiring, at this point in the game for me I'm lucky if I can get a toilet clean in my house.

Sylvia said...

Darling projects. My cousin has her girls make similar crayon rolls. I think you would like some of the ideas. There's her address if you'd like to check it out.