Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Wonder what happened to the bottom part of this dress that I cut off in the Summer Dress refashion? Baby Girl #2 is now wearing it.

Another super easy refashion that would work using any full skirt with a ruffle at the bottom. I took the ruffled, bottom edge of my dress and cut out the button placket and then cut it exactly in half so I had two lengths that were the same. Then I decided how much lower I wanted the bottom ruffle to hang below the top tier and added that much (plus a small seam allowance) of another strip of white fabric to the top of one of the layers.
Next, you will sew each layer together with itself at the open sides (not shown). To attach the two layers you need to put the shorter (top layer) tube facing right side up inside the longer tube/bottom layer, also facing right side up. The photo above is just an example to see the layers better, but your sides will actually already be sewn together. With the top layer inside the bottom layer, stitch them together across the top as show by the orange line above.

Then, flip the shorter layer back over the top of the longer layer as shown above, and press. Make the casing for your elastic by stitching all the way around, very close to the top. Then stitch another line, far enough below the first to leave the right space for your elastic. I used 20" of 1" wide elastic to fit my daughters waist. Be sure to leave a gap (between orange dots) to insert the elastic. This will be stitched closed after the elastic is in place.

Now, bribe your daughter with candy to model it for you. That $2.50 is really getting stretched this time... and I still have some projects in mind for the remainder of the hand-me-down skirt I used in the Summer Dress refashion as well:

This detail from the yoke will probably become part of a sleeve, and the remaining lining below will be a lining/petticoat for a small girl's dress. Already hemmed. I like shortcuts!


Karin van D. said...

That's an adorable little skirt!

Alisa said...

What a super cute skirt! i love that you repurposed something else to make it! Thanks for sharing!

Sachiko said...

So adorable and cute! Thank you for sharing this with us!

Lila Jo said...

I love little white skirts in the summertime! And score on the double duty refashion!

zeshuregi said...

its so smart.thank you for this nice tutorial...