Saturday, October 16, 2010

Happy Haunting

I have to admit that I'm not a huge fan of Halloween. I tend to skip right to the Harvest/Thanksgiving stuff when it comes to holiday decorating. Now that I have little kids, however, Halloween is more fun. They dress up almost every day anyway, and the candy!! I'm trying to get into it a little more for them. We picked out some pumpkins this week, which we will carve into jack-o-lanterns closer to Halloween night. We pulled out the Halloween lanterns that we made last year (saw the idea here). Such a fun project to do with kids. They are so proud of them.

Then, I found this amazing banner from Moselle Design over at Blue Cricket Design. It was free to download and print, and the graphics – especially the little circles – were quite charming. I know, not the adjective most associate with Halloween... but I loved them!

I printed and cut them out, then added a little ruffle (natural coffee filter) around the edge of each pennant.

Close up. See? Charming right? I CAN do Halloween decorations. Who knew?

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Amanda said...

You have the most ADORABLE blog! I love ALL of your sewing projects! Very talented! I spent the last couple of hours going through ALL of your posts and I adore all of it! I am following! :)