Sunday, September 19, 2010

Money Cuff

Another easy project I put together last night after the kids were asleep was this money cuff. I was trying to find something for my niece's birthday when I came across this tutorial from Christie of A Lemon Squeezy Home. It is such a good idea, and my niece appreciates crafty things. I hope she likes it. I had to work with what was in my stash. When it comes to fabric I have a lot to choose from, but the zipper was a different matter... I stole this one from a pair of jeans I was cutting up for another project. Note to self: keep a few zippers in my stash for spontaneous, late-night projects.


KatieJ said...

A zipper from old jeans!!! That's fantastic. I like the money cuff too- any of my kids would absolutely love to get one of those! And I have a stash of old jeans waiting to be cut into quilt squares so now I'm excited to hang onto the zippers too. Thanks!

Saedi Oldham said...

I love this idea! How clever and cute!

Sal-my-gal said...

Money cuffs would be great for kids. I'd like one for trips and such wear hauling a big bag around isn't so handy (like amusement parks). Waaaaay more stylish than the fanny pack of the '80's.