Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Refashion: Blouse to Jacket

I found this blouse on the clearance rack. It was originally $68.00 and i paid $5. I really liked beading, the gathered bell sleeve and the shape of then neckline with the mandarin collar but I couldn't really imagine myself wearing it as a blouse. So I refashioned the bottom to make it look more like a jacket. I experimented with a few different ways to make the bottom band, but in the end I left the band flat in the front and inserted a wide elastic in the band in the back to gather it just a little. Here's a closer shot:

Once again I bribed the 3 year old to take a few pics. Yes, the bribe was necessary. She loves to play with the camera, but takes after her independent mother and does not like to be told what to photograph!

High noon equals unflattering face shadows and squint... so of course I overcompensate with groovy photo effects from

I like it over the black maxi-dress, but think it's an easy way to dress up a slouchy tank and faded jeans too. The light-weight fabric is perfect for this extra warm fall weather we're enjoying.


opportunityknits said...

This is such a clever idea. Your new jacket looks great!

Sal-my-gal said...

It does look great, and seriously, why aren't you a model? SERIOUSLY!

Anne K. said...

It's stunning!

Gina said...

You've got such great taste! Love your projects! You look great too!